Get To Know Your Police Officers, Portland Oregon July 2011

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Prisons and Police Zine

Get To Know Your Police Officers, Portland

“Get to Know Your Police Officers” Portland, Oregon (JULY 2011 update) is a compilation of some of Portland’s most violent and abusive cops, matching names with faces.

The purpose of this project is to improve the public’s safety by calling out cops on their violent and abusive actions. Additionally, this project is intended to dispell the illusion of moral superiority of the police, both as individuals and as an institution.

“G2KPDX” exists both as a website ( and in print form. The website is updated more frequently than the print editions and includes links to some resources, and will (hopefully someday soon) include more information on the Portland Police Bureau.

Officers added to this print edition incude:

Dane Reister, who recently shot someone with a less-lethal shotgun….that was loaded with lethal rounds.

James Sandvik, who made the papers for assaulting a woman who was observing a police use-of-force when she asked the officers involved for their identification.

Larry Wingfield, who shot and killed a homeless man back in January 2011.


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