Convicted WVPD officer to keep job

By Jane Seyd, North Shore News August 31, 2011

A West Vancouver police officer who attacked a newspaper delivery man after a night of binge drinking in January 2009 will not lose his job, a police complaints adjudicator has decided.

Instead, Const. Griffin Gillan will be handed a suspension of 30 working days and will be demoted for one year. Gillan will drop one pay level to second-class constable and must work under close supervision during that time.

Gillan attacked newspaper carrier Firoz Khan outside of the Hyatt in downtown Vancouver following a night of off-duty drinking with two fellow officers.

He pled guilty to assault in July 2009 and received a 21day conditional sentence plus six months probation.

Following the criminal case, an internal police investigation

conducted by Abbotsford Chief Const. Bob Rich recommended Gillan be reduced in rank from constable to probationary constable and be given a 10-day unpaid suspension.

Gillan was also suspended for 11 months without pay by then-police chief Kash Heed immediately following the incident.

Following a public hearing in January, Boyle found Gillan guilty of both improper off-duty conduct and discreditable conduct.

On Friday, Boyle accepted a joint submission from Michael Tammen, the lawyer representing the Office of the Police Complaints Commission, and Gillan’s lawyer David Butler on what the officer’s punishment should be for his actions.

Gillan told Boyle at the public hearing in

January that his unprovoked attack is “still something I’m grappling with and trying to come to terms with,” adding he remains “embarrassed and baffled” by his actions.

Gillan guessed he’d had about 25 drinks on the night of the attack.

He told Boyle he thinks about the incident every day, although he said he has no memory of the attack or most of the events leading up to it.

“I want to prove to people who don’t think much of me that I’m better than what they think of me,” he said. “I’m trying to do whatever I can to make it better and regain that trust.”

Gillan, who is back working at the West Vancouver Police Department, told the hearing that being a police officer is “the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do.”

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2 Responses to Convicted WVPD officer to keep job

  1. reality says:

    He didn’t get any jail time for an assault. I wonder if going to jail would make it any easier to get over something.

    • Personally, we think (from collective research) the prison and policing system is/was totally corrupted from the start, wrong and inhumane. The privatization of prisons in N.America is making profit off of slave labor and creating an industry out of suffering & increasing rates of incarceration. 3/4 of people in jail are in there for non-violent crimes. A disproportionate amount are natives, people of color and the poor. Crimes of survival are punished with incarceration, when the rich or more affluent break the law they can pay their way out of it. It is a multi-million dollar industry that people have no control over and there is no accountability for the actions of the guards or the treatment of prisoners. So on that note, we think it would be just to throw all the cops and prison guards and their administrative goons in jail and let them have a taste of their own medicine, otherwise, we wouldnt wish jail on anyone. -We will start working on posting articles with an analysis about the prison industrial complex in Canada (stolen native land) and the privatization of said prisons and what that means for people.

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