RCMP Rookie Shatters Penticton Mans Leg on New Years Eve

RCMP Rookie Constable Adam Burton shattered Marcus Caspersons leg, which now has an 8 inch steel plate in it, on New Years Eve after stopping him for having an open can of beer as he was walking from his residence to a neighbors. In defense of his actions, the rookie alleges that Markus took a swing at him and ran, Markus says he did no such thing, poured out his beer as directed and started walking home when he was attacked by the rookie and had his leg shattered as he was tackled and stomped on.

Again it comes down to the officers word over the civilians. Were trained to believe the officer is the good guy and the civilian must have done something to warrant their injuries. The police play that angle after most police brutality incidents, claiming they were assaulted first and acted in self defense of themselves and the law, even when evidenceĀ  later shows they police initiated the aggravation and assault. Clearly the courts are biased as roughly 98%-99% of Police brutality cases are in favor of the police, even when there is clear evidence of an assault by an officer, they rarely get punished as a civilian would. If a civilian were to assault an officer, the law punishes the civilian even more harshly than if the civilian assaulted another civilian. There is no way to “win” or gain justice through the legal system. The odds are too highly stacked against us, the civilians. And for every case a cop gets charged, there are 99 police brutality complaints that never even make it to trial.

A corrupt system cannot be fixed by filling the cracks and trimming the fat (reform).


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