Former B.C. Mountie charged in wife’s death arrested again & Victim’s family outraged ex-Mountie charged with murder walks free

By Cheryl Chan, The Province January 19, 2012

An ex-Mountie out on bail on second-degree         murder charges is back behind bars.

Keith Gregory Wiens, 55, is accused of killing his common-law wife Lynn Kalmring in their home in Penticton last August.

He was released on bail on a $50,000 surety and a slew of conditions.

On Tuesday, he was arrested by RCMP for breaching the condition that required him to have his brother live with him in the same house.

“He has a brother from Ontario that was supposed to be residing with him,” said Sgt. Rick Dellabur of Penticton RCMP.

“There was evidence to support that the condition wasn’t upheld.”

Wiens remains in custody until his next court appearance Monday.


Victim’s family outraged ex-Mountie charged with murder walks free

By Ian Austin, The Province October 7, 2011

The sister of murder victim Lynn Kalmring says her family feels like prisoners while Keith Gregory Wiens, the man charged with her murder, walks free.

The former RCMP officer is charged in the shooting death of his 55-year-old fiance at their Penticton home.

Kalmring’s older sister, Donna Irwin, wants to know where the justice lays in Wiens being granted bail just 13 days after appearing in court and then moving back into the home he shared with Lynn — the very scene of the murder — while they feel they can’t safely leave their homes.

“We’re actually the prisoners,” said Irwin. “He gets out on bail in 13 days. We’re terrified to go out and run into him.”

Wiens, 57, is charged with second-degree murder. He was released on $50,000 bail under a number of conditions, including keeping clear of Kalmring’s family,

But Irwin said Penticton is a small town, and the chance of running into Wiens is too high for the family to feel safe.

“My niece won’t leave her home,” said Irwin. “My mother’s 76, and she’s afraid to go out.”

Kalmring was murdered Aug. 16, and her family say they’ve been kept away from their sister’s belongings and are being treated like second-class citizens.

Wiens’ lawyer, Don Skogstad, said his client is getting the legal protection he has earned.

“This person spent all of his life obeying the law, and half of it enforcing the law,” said Skogstad.

“If he can’t get bail, who can?”

Skogstad said he understands the family’s concern.

“They have every right to be upset,” said Skogstad. “It’s a terrible loss, it’s a terrible tragedy.

“They bear the brunt of the burden — they’re the family.”

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