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Sex-trade worker’s journal shows police indifferent to beaten, half-naked woman

Copwatcher says: We thought this was a great article with good insight into the two-faced nature the police have with the people they deal with on the streets and the public they inform with press releases and police statements. Their … Continue reading

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Local police case raises questions-Vinnie Dosanjh

The contrast between two police stories reported on Feb. 10 – the widely publicized Yao Wei Wu case and the little-known Sukhwinder “Vinnie” Dosanjh case – show how B.C.’s Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner really operates. Unless a case … Continue reading

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Pickton Sightings in Downtown Eastside

Copwatcher Says| This isn’t exactly about police brutality but the article does show how useless the police are at alerting or protecting people pre-emptively. And how the community of the DTES does a MUCH better job looking out for and … Continue reading

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Court hears RCMP officer drank vodka to beat drunk driving charge

Globe and Mail//Feb. 13, 2012 An off-duty RCMP officer who left the scene of an accident minutes after his Jeep struck and killed a motorcycle driver, went home and had two quick shots of vodka before returning, because his police … Continue reading

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Another Mountie Unaccountable For His Actions- Travis Pearson

Copwatcher says: Once again another cop is not being held accountable for his actions because of a 1-year limit on when charges can be brought since the time of the incident. With this in place, police and their bureaucracies need … Continue reading

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Homelessness and Police Brutality

A dispatch from the In our Own Voices writing project//by DTES Power of Women Group, KAREN LAHEY VANCOUVER—In the winter of 2000, I was co-managing a four bedroom house in Walley, BC. My co-manager and I became friends, but eventually … Continue reading

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RCMP Blasted for Slow Responses to In-Custody Death of Aboriginal Man In 2003, Clay Alvin Willey, an Aboriginal man (described as Metis), was killed by the RCMP while in custody in Prince George, BC.  Willey had suffered broken teeth, a fractured skull, ruptured bowels, internal bleeding, and multiple taser burns … Continue reading

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