Officer Stabbed after brutalizing a local shopkeeper during a mall protest

CBC News//Posted: Mar 13, 2012

A Vancouver police officer was allegedly                                                                                 stabbed by a despondent shopkeeper at the Harbour Centre mall food court Tuesday, Vancouver police say.

Shopkeeper Tai Hong Ahn was arrested during what his son said was a public protest about the family business being forced out of the mall.

Ahn set up a display with some food and kitchen equipment and Vancouver police were called to investigate, but the four officers who responded were too rough, said his son, Joseph Ahn.

“I came in to tell them to stop using that force and I grabbed my father’s arm, making sure it wasn’t going to break. Then I had two officers take swings at me,” the younger Ahn said.

Police said they were responding to a call of a distraught man with a weapon and the situation escalated after they arrived.

One of the officers was allegedly stabbed in the lower leg when they tried to take Ahn into custody.

Police said the officer was stitched up in hospital and released.

Joseph Ahn said his father felt he and his customers deserved better treatment after six years in the same location, and the protest was an attempt to stand up for himself.

The man’s son also said he would never stab anyone.

“This is my father’s retirement, it’s his own business, he’s losing it,” Ahn said. “He’s not even getting an opportunity to sell it or anything like that. Same with six other stores.”

Mall officials did not respond to CBC News’ requests for comment.

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