Disgraced Mountie to be transferred to BC

CBC News//Posted: May 24, 2012

B.C.’s top Mountie says a disgraced RCMP officer who has been transferred to the province from Edmonton will be closely supervised.

Sgt. Don Ray will be posted to a federal area of responsibility and if he reoffends he will be removed from duty immediately, Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens told a Vancouver news conference Thursday.

Ray admitted to having sex with subordinates, drinking on the job and exposing himself to a co-worker, and was reprimanded, demoted from the rank of staff sergeant and fined 10 days pay.

Instead of firing him, an RCMP disciplinary panel ruled that Ray deserved a break because of his long years of satisfactory service and support from other Mounties.

It was not an easy decision to accept Ray in B.C., Callens said.

Callens said he had spoken with B.C. Attorney General Shirley Bond and assured her that Ray would not be working for the province or any municipality. Ray will work in a federal capacity only and not be in contact with the public as part of his duties.

Callens did not say where Ray would be stationed.

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