Vancouver Police want access to your online activity

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Vancouver Police are making more arguments as to why you should support a controversial bill to allow them to access what you’ve been up to online without a warrant.

An Internet advocacy group says the department is being ridiculous and irresponsible.

The VPD say situations involving kidnappings, fraud and even cyberbullying can be better investigated if the laws were updated, citing the Amanda Todd case that has gained national attention recently.

Lindsey Pinto with Open Media says opposition to Bill C30 hasn’t gone away.

“They are beating a dead horse. Canadians have spoken out, privacy commissioners have spoken out, MP’s have spoken out. Even some MP’s within the conservative party have said they are not entirely comfortable with this bill. How is it still on the table?”

She says the law is fine the way it is.

“Right now in an emergency situation first of all, the police are able to access what they need to access if someone’s life is on the line.”

The bill was shelved earlier this year after Canada’s Public Safety Minister sparked a huge backlash after saying those opposed to it stood with child pornographers!

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