Sgt. Brad Fawcett, discredited officer, never laid charges in terrace police brutality-brain damage

No charges were ever laid against Terrace RCMP after a man in their custody was left brain damaged.

Now, the BC Civil Liberties Association is asking why did police consult a discredited expert in making their report to recommend charges?

Crown counsel says there was not enough evidence for a conviction against Mounties in terrace after Robert Wright was arrested and jailed back in April, and left brain-damaged.

That was after a report from the New Westminster police, who looked into the matter.

But BCCLA president Lindsay Lyster says the “use of force” expert consulted in the report, Vancouver Police Department Sgt. Brad Fawcett has been discredited during the inquiry into Robert Dziekanski’s death.

Inquiry head Thomas Braidwood had called Fawcett’s findings “blinkered” and “troubling.”

“We don’t understand why the crown or the police would be using a use of force expert whose evidence had been described in those kinds of terms,” Lyster says, adding she wants the entire investigation report released.

Crown says Fawcett’s opinion is just one part of the evidence considered on whether to approve charges.

New Westminster police say their investigation has ended, but they still can’t talk specifics because of possible civil litigation or other reviews.

A spokeswoman says anyone having concerns about their work can go to the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner.

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