A thought on transit police from The Bus Riders Union

Are the transit police making the transit system safer? Let’s look at the facts:Transit-Police-900x600
  • Transit police have assaulted transit riders, and they admit to tasering people for not paying their fares.
  • Transit police harass First Nations people and people of colour.
  • Transit police target fare checks against people who look poor.
  • Transit police have called Immigration on people they think are undocumented migrants. Because of this, many undocumented people will not ride transit because they are afraid of being deported.
  • Transit police admit that fare enforcement is their first priority, before the safety and well-being of transit riders.
  • Transit police issue $173 fines to people who can’t afford the transit fare.
  • Undercover transit police fine people who give their used tickets away to people who can’t afford the fare
The transit system belongs to all of us!

In 2006, TransLink spent $16.6 million to hire 84 transit police with full powers to arrest, detain and issue fines in and around Skytrain stations. Now there are 156 transit police, and TransLink plans to hire even more. Transit police have guns – which makes Metro Vancouver the first place in Canada with an armed police force.

The transit police say their job is to enforce fares, not protect our safety.

Women have been kicked off the bus and SkyTrain late at night because they don’t have enough money to pay the fare. This puts them at increased risk of assault.

TransLink likes to blame their budget shortage on ‘fare evaders’. This is poor-bashing. In 2007 TransLink lost $6.4 million dollars to fare evasion – less than half of what they spent on transit police. And ninety-seven percent of all rides are paid for! This shows that fare evasion is not a big problem.

Not paying your bus fare is the same as not paying the meter when you park your car. But car drivers with parking tickets are not called criminals. And parking tickets are only $46, which is a lot less than the $173 fine facing bus riders without a valid fare. Bus riders without a valid fare also face the threat of police violence.

People who can’t afford bus fare are treated like criminals. But our transit system belongs to everyone. We paid for it, and the government runs it.

The transit police admit that they have tasered people who did not have a valid fare. It’s no wonder that more and more people are afraid to ride the bus or skytrain because of the police. The fear is felt most intensely in communities of colour – where people also experience racial profiling from transit police.

Putting police on the bus is another step towards treating our transit system like a private business. It’s all part of privatization. Privatization means that private companies make money off of the transit system that we pay for.

Over the last five years fares have gone up forty percent! High fares are also caused by privatization. So are cuts to service. The money raised from service cuts and high fares is being used to build the Canada line. The Canada line is the largest privatization project in Canadian history, and it is going to cost over $2 billion dollars. That’s a lot more than ‘fare evasion’ ever cost the transit system.

What would a safe transit system be like?
  • Safety means being able to ride the bus with dignity, and room to sit down.
  • Safety means the bus is there for you when you need it – at all times of the day or night.
  • Safety means being able to afford to get on the bus.
  • Safety means being treated with respect, regardless of race, gender or income.


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6 Responses to A thought on transit police from The Bus Riders Union

  1. uncontrollable says:

    Reblogged this on The Uncontrollable Ones.

  2. Take a look at The Definition of Pathocracy

  3. Paul Bailey says:

    FriscoPaul highlights malfeasance by Frisco Texas Police Department and malicious prosecution by Collin County Prosecutors. We now know that tampered evidence was used at trial, this has been confirmed by multiple experts. Looks like Frisco PD made a few mistakes. The overall question is, who authorized it

  4. Ian Loughlin says:

    I was assaulted & subsequently arrested by 2 Translink Police while going to work a graveyard shift (while dressed in a full security uniform) without provacation or justification unless providing a monthly pass when asked for my fare was somehow unlawful…

    I lost my job, was forced to strip naked at VPD jail, the lawyer fees put me into debt, both Translink Police lied in court and if not for a video tape of the incident along with my lawyer (Mathew Nathanson) plus a judge who saw through their lies I would have went to jail and given a criminal record for trying to ride the Skytrain to work. Luckily they didn’t carry guns back then (2002) or they may have shot me as well to cover up their crime….smh

    We already have Skytrain security what do we need Transit Police for?

    It’s past due time to get rid of the unprofessional Translink Police before they kill someone under the guise of policing lies….

    • Our thoughts exactly. Being aggressively accosted by men with guns over $2.75 or whatver is totally screwed up. Thats a police state. Thanks for sharing your story with us. If you want we could post your video in the VPD Streets of Vancouver Section or repost the details as a story backdated to add to our chronology of assaults. -Copwatch Vancouver Editor

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