The purpose of this blog is to define, document, and expose the routine violence of the Vancouver Police Department, RCMP, and Transit police in the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD). And to expose the institutions of policing for what they really are……

  • While we recognize groups take time to develop analysis, and enjoy reading about the harassment the VPD is facing from this group and the work they’re doing that helps victims of police violence, this blog is NOT associated with the liberal, religious, pro-cop (now they’re walking a fine line in between apparently), reformist Vancouver DTES Cop Watch. We think working with the police is a dangerous & collaborative route that justifies the Cops position that the problem is just a few ‘bad apples’ as opposed to the whole institution of Fascist policing. Not to mention the organizers trash talking montreal’s annual day against police brutality & demonizing its participants for defending themselves from the police attacks on their march, and making fun of poor people in the DTES on their group page, calling them drunks, shaking hands with violent police officers, sucking up to steve addison on his abusive beat cop diary blog, having absolutely no security culture, & east van cop watchers comments being erased then blocked from viewing or commenting on their page for challenging them on these things instead of having an open & public dialogue discussion thus preventing any kind of solidarity building between our similar projects.
  •  Working with the police also justifies their propaganda campaigns such as sister watch or community policing, which we know from experience to be just another road they use to integrate further into our communities & our lives, which negatively effects our own ability to organize and deal with situations as a community. Instead, having it outsourced to ignorant cops from usually more affluent neighborhoods, who harass poor & marginalized people daily for things like sitting on the sidewalk, loitering, street vending or panning, etc. Bringing or supporting nosy, coercive, & systematically +/or physically violent people into our hood is not a good idea.
  • Copwatchers can be anyone who decides to hold police accountable for their actions (as opposed to state or internal discipline/investigation-which is corrupted and non-participatory) and there are many different tactics, methods and types of involvement, such as Setting up action + or support networks among your communities to deal with police interference, brutality, or harassment. Documenting incidents of police brutality, distributing information on known violent police in the neighborhood to the neighborhood, keeping an eye out for problems when your around, or stopping to collect information during an arrest and to put pressure on the police to treat that person better than if there were no witnesses…(usually they try and bully people away).

How to effectively document a police incident:

1. Photograph, film or audio record the incident as extensively as possible. Capture the assault/harassment & faces of the officers or anything they say to the “suspect” or you.

2. Write down the location, date and time of the incident. Number of police present and their badge numbers- and names/descriptions if possible.

3.  Describe what occurred and what occurs as precisely and chronologically as possible.

4. You can send documented info to copwatchvancouver@hotmail.com to be posted  &/or post it on Youtube, which can be a good-albeit censored- resource for widespread video & information sharing.


Copwatcher Says: This video is a great example of cop watching. After his friends arrest he follows the police to the transport to make sure he gets there safely…(and to expose it if not). In this case another person filming was pushed by one of the officers while the prisoner is being taken into the vehicle. Then, after the prisoner is secured, more officers arrive who start to get viseably aggressive to the guys filming. Then another officer is seen shoving, pulling to the ground (with the help of other officers ) and arresting the same guy who was pushed minutes earlier by a vpd officer, for no reason. The guy filming gets the badge numbers of all the officers involved on film, and says it aloud a few times….The video is clear, the identity of the assaulting officers is recorded, the dialogue is informative and helpful. And his attitude to the police is not friendly-being friendly to a cop who just captured/assaulted someone is not funny or savy, it empowers them, or overly aggressive- which can often result in assault/arrest/erasure of video.  Check it out! ^


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  1. Rider Cooey says:

    This doesn`t work for links?.
    Check for New West Cop story: Sukwinder Vinnie Dosanjh — recent
    Rider Cooey

  2. Daniel Elmes says:

    We live on the Southern Gulf Islands (Galiano). We had a abusive cop here called Constable Mike Taylor. He has now been sent to Kelowna but while he was here he was the subject of several complaints. I had the Police Complaints Commission come to my house and apologize 100% for the abuse that my wife and I suffered from him. They told us they couldn’t fire him because he would “run under the skirts of the Police Association” if they tried. They also said he “shouldn’t be in the job” and that he “wasn’t fit to wear the badge” (PPC words, not mine). I thought it incredible that the Police Complaints guy could sit in full RCMP uniform in my living room and tell me that the cop that abused me and my family couldn’t be fired or effectively prosecuted, that he was an idiot, completely incompetent etc etc….. I just assumed that once the PPC have decided a cop has screwed up that badly he would be fired, my mistake I guess.
    I think it’s important for the people of Kelowna to know what kind of people are working for the RCMP in their community. Feel free to contact me with regards this topic, thank you.. D*

  3. Jessie says:

    Did you know Vancouver Cop Watch has gotten 7 investigations into the Beat Enforcement Team in the DTES in the last 10 months. While also putting their own lives in danger. 3 VCW members have been arrested and another 6 have been over ticketed by VPD.
    1 VCW member was asked by an inspector if anyone would notice if they disappeared and then there’s all the undercover cops following them around Vancouver.
    Doesn’t sound like they’re working with the police to me.

    • They’ve stated themselves, they are religious, pro cop, reformist group that shakes hands with police who abuse the people they are trying to get help for. Not speaking for individuals in the group but we’ve spoken with the organizers and they made it quite clear they were not anti-cop, they have sympathy for “how hard their job is” and Jenn likes to pander to them on The Beat Cop Diaries, letting steve know what a good job he’s doing, on articles that clearly show he’s been abusing his power and people in the DTES. We are not reformists and do not have sympathy for bastard cops who abuse people daily down here. Check out some of the comments on an article that was posted about their rally, it offers insight into why we and others do not trust or ever wish to work with their type of organization. They also posted comments on their facebook page denouncing the demonstrators in montreal during their annual day against police brutality, for defending themselves from riot cops who came to shut down their demo. Claiming they were violent, the people, not the police. We do not encourage such garbage.

  4. Yen Ma says:

    I had a woman call DTES Cop Watch wanting to put in a police complaint against Surrey RCMP.
    This falls into your jurisdiction,how does this woman get in contact with you.

    • Were not the people who take legal complaints against the VPD Or RCMP. Their complaints process is a scam that rarely goes answered, and even then, the officer usually gets a paid suspension while hes being investigated, until he is usually cleared or given a slap on the wrist. Groups that work in police reform, maybe pivot, are a better answer for that kind of help. Were a blog site, at the moment, that is working to gather tools & information to help inform people about how fucked up the police and legal system is. As well as to give people a grassroots, local outlet for sharing any information, warnings, media, or stories regarding incidents with the police as an institution or on individual officers. We will be doing more than just running a blogsite as we get better organized, but we will never work in police reform. ACAB. -Some East Van Copwatchers

  5. Brianne says:

    I am sending you this message as it was recently brought to my attention that the RCMP has given out the location of my residence to an individual who has been stalking me for 2 years despite the RCMP telling me that they did not.

    The RCMP also previously caught wind of this same individual forging my name in a document, yet did nothing about it. The RCMP is supposed to protect the community, but instead they have put me in harm’s way.

    I have evidence (including the original e-mails) that corroborates my claims against the RCMP and believe this is a story you may be interested in.

  6. kittykatyvr@hotmail.com says:

    On Sept. 1 2014 corporal Jeff milliard and david Macdonald R.C.M.P came to my home for noise complaint ….. my new tenant just moved in and had one small speaker on in his coach house.
    There were other officers involved but milliard refused to give me any names and said he takes full responsibility for all their actions. They assaulted and terrorize me for 40 min.
    I am a 50 year old aboriginal handicapped woman with NO criminal record as I am a law abiding citizen. I suffer from ptsd and have been beaten and raped on several occasion since childhood
    I was charged 250 dollars for noise bylaw that had nothing to do with me.I was assaulted for no reason… I called 911 on them as I feared for my life .david Macdonald was very upset I had called 911 and then they assaulted me I have this on camera. I need help dealing with all these issues. These men need to be held accountable for their bulling and assault. The complaints for R.C.M.P is a joke .I need the rcmp to be held accountable for this barbaric attack. Please if any one can help me, I am in need of support..

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