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Transit Police spend $29 million a year – funded mainly by TransLink fares, gas taxes and property tax – and the force’s budget is slated to rise to $35 million by 2014 and $42 million by 2021.They are the highest paid police force in Canada.

No wonder fares keep increasing, fare-gates are being installed and irritating & invasive increases in ticket checking harassment……Next step for Translink, upping the bus route fare checks.


Translink Police Harass, Assault & Illegally Arrest A Man For Handing Out Fire This Time Magazines, & Make Up False Charges Against Him About Him Causing A Disturbance When He Keeps Asking To Be Told What Law He Has Broken As He Is Dragged Out Of The Station & Arrested.


Bored, Ineffective & Expensive, Edmonton says Bc’s Transit Police Not A Model To Follow.



In late 2007, all TransLink buses became designated “fare paid zones”. Under this system, a rider is required to retain a proof of payment (transfer) while on board the bus and produce it upon request by a transit official.[3] On designated routes, larger three-door buses allow passengers to board through rear doors. As they are bypassing the driver and fare box, they must have a previously paid fare in their possession. On all other buses, passengers are required to board through the front doors and should show a valid fare to the bus driver. Fare inspections on buses are normally conducted by Transit Security Officers and  by the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service. Failure to produce proof of payment may result in ejection from the bus and/or a fine of $173. Woops…..they forget to include intimidation and potential brutalization.

TransLink replaced its Special Provincial Constables, who held limited policing power, with the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority Police Service (now the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service, or SCBCTAPS), in December 2005. The move was not without controversy, as some riders objected to armed officers patrolling the system. A court case in which a woman was awarded $52,000 for allegedly being beaten by a flashlight-wielding officer, in an incident that occurred before the transition, confirmed such fears for some.[6] In contrast to the former TransLink special constables, SCBCTAPS constables have full police powers both on and off of TransLink property. They are based in New Westminster, BC. They are the only transit security force, in all of canada, to be armed with 9mm pistols, tasers, batons, and mace. There are 169 officers prowling throughout the transit system.

Coast Mountain Bus Company operates the security department, commonly known as the Transit Security Department. Transit Security Officers are mobile, ride buses and trains, inspect fares, and patrol TransLink properties. They work closely with SCBCTAPS to ensure safety throughout the transit network. Transit Security Officers are authorized to arrest persons committing criminal offences on or in relation to any TransLink property, as per the Criminal Code of Canada. Transit Security Officers are also authorized to enforce Transit Conduct and Safety Regulations pursuant to the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Act and to enforce the Transit Tariff. The Transit Security Department is also responsible for the CCTV camera system on board buses.

On November 14, 2006, the Canadian government announced that it would spend $37 million for improvements to transit security across Canada, including $9.8 million for the Vancouver area, although no details have been released as to how this money will be spent.[7] CCTV cameras & audio recording devices have been installed on some TransLink buses.[8]

On March 8, 2007, BC Minister of Transportation Kevin Falcon announced a restructuring of TransLink. Major changes include new revenue-generating measures, a restructuring of the executive  body, and increases in the areas under TransLink’s jurisdiction.[11][12]

Falcon had previously called the old board “dysfunctional”,[12] saying that board members were focused on the interests of their own municipalities instead of the broader interests of the region.[14] According to Falcon, the board of directors had “no ability there to develop the skill-set to understand major, multi-billion projects.”[14]

British Columbia NDP critic David Chudnovsky responded that the reorganization was “ludicrous” and that its purpose was “to get power away from our elected municipal politicians because once in a while they disagree with the aggressive privatization agenda of Mr. Falcon”.[12]


Neil Dubord has been appointed the new chief officer of the 167-member TransLink Police that patrols the Metro Vancouver’s transit system.

Dubord, 49, who served as deputy chief of Edmonton’s Community Policing Bureau, has “distinguished himself in front-line policing, tactical and strategic development, critical incident command and as a manager, with numerous local and national awards and citations,” according to a TransLink press release.

“Our Transit Police is the first and only police service of its kind in Canada, and its unique challenges and opportunities clearly caught the attention of a number of very qualified candidates across the country,” Transit police board chairman Mark Reder said.  “The Transit Police Board was looking for a person with on-the-ground policing experience who knows the value of being close to the community.”

TransLink’s chief operating officer Doug Kelsey said Dubord’s commitment to building his policing and management acumen has resulted in an impressive list of credentials. He has been with the Edmonton Police for 25 years. “I am delighted to see such a high calibre individual join the team at TransLink and Transit Police.”

Dubord was sworn in on February 1, 2012.

In September 2010, Ward Clapham was dismissed as TransLink police chief for “philosophical differences”…….


^News-Police patrolling Greater Vancouver’s TransLink system will continue to Taser “non-compliant” passengers and fare dodgers a news conference heard Friday, providing more evidence to indicate that the notorious stun gun has become a tool of official oppression and torture.2008


˅Translink spokesperson talks about taser issues at media conference Pt 1 & 2



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  1. This ripoff report about Transit Police Authority fits with this story. Former Sgt. Brian Lawson had multiple criminal charges against him from 1998; despite this, the Transit Police continued to allow him to brutalize citizens until 2102. Lawson made the mistake of assaulting a citizen… this time the citizen was an undercover cop!
    Document Count Offence Date Statute Nature Accused City Of Offence
    28627-2-KC 1 20-Jul-1999 CCC – 810 Fear of injury / damage to property Commit LAWSON, BRIAN
    Document Name Access In Custody Year Of Birth
    76727-1 LAWSON, BRIAN 1 N 1966
    Document Count Offence Date Statute Nature Accused City Of Offence
    76727-1 1 12-Sep-2012 CCC – 267(b) Assault causing bodily harm Commit LAWSON, BRIAN New Westminster BC
    76727-1 2 12-Sep-2012 CCC – 270(1)(a) Assaulting peace officer Commit LAWSON, BRIAN New Westminster BC

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