Video Of The Week

Every week a new video will be featured on police brutality to add the the argument that police violence is not isolated and is in fact common to any city or community.


Atlanta Out of control cop to be kept on force with no repurcussions despite over 60 allegations of use of force incidents.


L.A Police potential racial profiling as officers they pull over a skateboarding kid outside his house, pile on top of him, start assaulting him, claiming that he was “resisting arrest”.


L.A Police Officers pull a woman over for using her cell phone while driving, slam her into the car, and into the ground. They fist pump after the brutal assault.


A Vancouver plainclothes officer is seen punching a man in the face for asking the reason for being put in cuffs/stopped on the street.


Vancouver police harass a woman filming an arrest, trying to block  the view of the arrest from the camera, then grab at the camera and pull it towards the ground. A woman is heard telling the cop not to touch her camera.



^Toronto Police Officer tackles and kills mentally disabled man for not responding to random stop & questioning…the man couldnt speak, and was with his mother who informed the officer, to no avail.


^Toronto Police Officer repeatedly threatens to taser a handcuffed man in the genitals if he doesnt give the officer information. The officer is never charged. 2011


^Florida Police Officer tasers unarmed girl, who falls, hits her head and now suffers permanent brain damage in a coma she will probably never wake up from. Florida Police Department criticize the officers actions, but then clear him of any wrongdoing.


^DeKalb County officer kicks 9 month pregnant woman in stomach for crying and asking questions, then 5 superiors try to cover it up but get exposed.


^Windsor Canada got to watch one of their own cop on cam brutally beating an innocent blind doctor and several other cops complicit in the cover up that followed…


^Sante Fe officer violently assaults handcuffed teen, does NOT get charged with assault, and is given police job by New Mexico police chief..


^Anaheim Police attack & shoot at several men on a sidewalk in their neighborhood(killing one), let loose a police dog among women and children(which then mauls a small boy), shoot rubber bullets, beanbags, pepper spray, and teargas at the neighbors….lie about the incident to the media, then go back and door to door try and buy any video footage of the incident to keep it from being exposed.


^London, Ontario. A Police Officer tasers a teenager in the face, without warning, for defending himself from an attack from another youth. The chief of police said the officer was justified in shooting him and the boy is charged with assault with a weapon. It took 3 plastic surgeons to remove the taser prongs from his face, and he’s lucky it wasn’t completely paralyzed.


-L.A Police officer beats a woman off camera- No charges laid.


^Park Police at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Building Arrest and Assault people for dancing. One man is seen being choked for demanding what law he was breaking.


^Houston officers hit a suspect with their cruiser, then brutally beat him for several minutes. The 4-5 officers kicked him in the face and punched him in the stomach over 20 times as he was lying in a surrender position on the ground. The Housten Police Force tried to block the video from going public(apparently for their own good), saying it is too violent and could affect the trial somehow if the public were to see it. An awesome person, who was being charged for something else related to the investigation in this case, acquired the video from a court order and immediately released it to the media, while high up officers desperately scrambled to their phones, threatening individuals and media agencies trying to keep the evidence of their abuse from the public. Needless to say, the media and individuals were not intimidated by their threats or fear tactics and the video was released as it should have been immediately. The suspect, Chad Holley, was fifteen at the time he was assaulted.


^Washington Metro Transit Police snatch a homeless resident from his wheelchair and slam him face first Into the concrete. They then proceed to charge the man with Assault on a Police Officer in front of outraged neighbors as they tell people they have to move along.


^An Onondaga, New York State Police Deputy pulls over a woman, with her kids in the van, and tasers her for no reason after a minute of harassment & conflicting orders.


^Indianapolis Metropolitan Police attack a pregnant woman and savagely beat her for not leaving her friend who was having a seizure and being treated by paramedics. Neither paramedic requested her to leave or move away. Hours later she miscarries in the jail.


^Tennessee police are caught on film planting drugs on a person using hand signals.


^Toronto Police mob into a basketball court and proceed to harass and beat a man, punching, kicking and beating him with a baton, while he’s being held to the ground. He was apparently “trespassing” in what looks like a community center basketball court.


^Seattle cop punches teen girl in the face after stopping her for jay-walking.


^California Police Pepper Spray Sitting Protesters in the face at  Occupy UC. 11/18/11


^Victoria Police Officer Assaulting arrested person then bystanders.


^RCMP pepper spray a native woman, children and an infant on the Sechelt reserve, after stopping the family, in their truck, coming home from a soccer game and handcuffing the woman’s husband for being “hostile”. Clearly spooked by the crowd of celebrating families traveling home at the same time, might be a contributing factor to the officers brutal and quick attack. RCMP say they did nothing wrong but promise an investigation anyways…. 07/02/07-Sechelt BC


^Vancouver- 3 Drunk Metro Police Attack Then Rob Deliveryman-Jan. 26th,09



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