VPD – Streets of Vancouver

The VPD is divided into four geographic districts:

  • District 1: Downtown, Granville, West End & Coal Harbour
  • District 2: Chinatown, Grandview-Woodland and Hastings-Sunrise
  • District 3: Collingwood and South Vancouver
  • District 4: Kerrisdale, Oakridge, Dunbar, West Point Grey, Kitsilano, Arbutus, Shaughnessy, Fairview, Musqueam and Marpole


Vancouver Police Harass & Illegally Search Man Filming.


Vancouver Police Use Excessive Force During Arrest.


A handcuffed man is kicked in the face by a plainclothes VPD officer while sitting on the ground posing no threat.


A west Van officer swerves in front of longboarders forcing one off the road and the other to crash. He yells that he is sick of longboarders.


A man is stopped by plainclothes officers while riding his bike, and when questioning why he was being put in cuffs, is punched in the face by officer Bhabha, badge number 2703,


Vancouver police harass a woman filming an arrest, trying to block  the view of the arrest from the camera, then grab at the camera and pull it towards the ground. A woman is heard telling the cop not to touch her camera.


A Vancouver school teacher was arrested and assaulted, physically searched by 5 male VPD officers, during jail support at the main street jail, for others arrested at an earlier casseroles demo. ^2012


Vancouver Police assault Trevor Kenny for asking why the officers started beating another guy for no reason. ^August 2012


VPD storm a party bus, parked outside a club, and start assaulting multiple women.2011^


Vancouver Police Harass People Attending A Free BBQ in The Downtown Eastside Hosted By The Portland Hotel Society. Marching Up In Large Numbers, Barring Access to Insight! Pushing People Off The Stage & Disrupting the Free Concert with Bedouin Soundclash.


Actor DJ Qualls, handcuffed & yelling to camera how he was attempting to stop a fight when VPD arrived, threw him on the ground, busted his face, then insulted him when he tried to explain what the situation was.


A VPD ERT officer assaults a man for jaywalking across W. Broadway.2010^


Badge Number______?

Video/Audio Footage?

ERT = Emergency Response Team – Notice <—–his subdued shoulder badge…..

VPD = Vancouver Police Department


VPD officer Mark Steinkampf arrest a man on his bicycle after he filmed them -from the sidewalk- surrounding a man in pigeon park, minutes before. Claiming he had somehow obstructed the officers was their reason for the arrest. Local independent media was there, however, and got the opportunity to get the mans’ statement before he was taken away. The VPD officer in the video makes a lame attempt at an excuse as to their actions before realizing he’s preaching his lies to the wrong crowd.Feb. 2010^


VPD Systematic Violence.2009^


3 Drunk Metro Police Attack & Beat Cab Driver After Making Racial Slurs.



5 Responses to VPD – Streets of Vancouver

  1. Jessie says:

    The Blond haired VPD member,who arrested the guy on the bike for filming is Sgt Mark Steinkampf.

    He works on the Beat Enforcement Team in the DTES.
    He is also a member of the Odd Squad.
    Which has exploited the DTES,by filming the Beat TV series to show the sensational side of poverty.

  2. Jane Doe says:

    The cause, information and documentation is great, but what do you do if you’ve been the one brutally assaulted?

    • Im sure if you think about it, do some research on alternatives to policing, youll come up with a whole bunch of things that can be done after an assault by either an individual, their family or a whole community. There are many alternatives that can be looked at besides calling the police, whom we really believe do more harm then good. Alot are common sense that have been stripped of us by our legal dependance on them to act for us, because it is illegal to act yourself. Which is wrong, disarming, and not to mention another clear example of how our society is not “free”. I will not make suggestions on that specifically because i think alot depends on the situation and varying factors and what the person/ people are willing to do. But research alternatives to policing as there are many well written articles that can jump start more thought on this subject. Thanks for pointing out our lack of reading materiel/resources for alternatives to policing. We will update this soon.

  3. Sam says:

    I will be releasing a polygraph of the VPD when they spent years bringing me to the station, stripping me naked, hogtied and then beaten and lifted above their heads and slammed at the ground. The amount of torture I recieved at the hands of the VPD is now going to be public so I have named all cops involved, I never carry any weapon or resist. I take the beatings and document it at the hospital upon release with no charges ever. They will be known to all. The amount of torture is worse then I have ever saw on any sight. There is nothing compared to what they have done to me. I have evidence I have a polygraph done by a cop. If I am murdered it will be the VPD or richmond RCMP. This a warning to the goofs in uniform who would never fight it out in my gym in the ring legal. They are cowards. Every one of the VPD are cowards. I scare them and I’m not a criminal. Just a guy who scares lil girls like them I have safeguarded myself and if they touch me you will know. I am always being guarded at my cost and I’ve hire a photographer to stay with me until the polygraph is released. I hate you cops. Your animals. COWARDS

  4. copsrcowards says:

    Anyone reading this must carry a cell or recording device on your person. When you even feel you may be approached turn it on. Don’t mention you have it and submit it to an attorney as well as MAKE IT PUBLIC. AS MUCH AS YOU CAN PUBLICITY IS THE KEY TO TAKING THESE BASTARDS DOWN
    Lets arrange a march to city hall demanding answers
    We need a organizer to apply for permits get all the signs together. Have statements ready. Call a news conference at the steps of SHITTY HALL and the media will be there. I’m married to one of them. Our lawyers will be present.
    If you want justice you need to take the lead. Get off your ass get your files statements evidence together and attend the march
    Be safe

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